Our Commitment

For over 35 years we have been installing custom cabinetry in the Westchester area. Our success is a result of our dedication to our customer base, one that has been, in turn, loyal to us. If we haven’t yet worked together, here is what you should expect from us, and what we would ask of you.

You are about to make a serious investment in your home. These new cabinets will become an integral part of your home, part of your everyday experience for perhaps decades to come. Therefore, the most important decision is the selection of the company that will perform this work. This selection is based on many different factors — quality of workmanship, pricing, time frame — each of which is important on its own, but should be considered together as a whole in order to make the most accurate selection. For instance, you might find a vendor with the lowest price, but also with the lowest level of quality; the lowest bidder usually uses inferior materials and less skilled labor.

When you call us for new cabinets or kitchen refacing we make an immediate commitment to your project. We will come to your home and give a free consultation. We get a feel for what you are trying to accomplish, asking you your likes and dislikes. Our experienced consultants offer design ideas on the spot and may furnish you with color renderings (usually through e-mail) of what your home will look like when the project is completed. There is no charge for this consultation and correspondence. In return, we would ask that you take time to visit us at our factory.

We know that most of our potential customers have never been inside a cabinet shop. Once you visit our factory you will understand why All*Star is your best choice for quality and service. You will see our craftsmen, our cabinetmakers, and our investment in machinery and inventory. It is a fun and exciting visit! You will often see a custom job being prepared for finishing or set up for installation. At our factory showroom, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of materials, colors, styles, and see several different examples of cabinet construction.

Once you have seen our operation, and everything we have to offer, you will likely have a better idea of what you want your project to look like — what type of door style, stain color, etc. With this knowledge, we would be able to provide you a fairly accurate estimate of cost. In fact, our policy is to provide pricing only after the customer has visited our shop. This is what we ask of you.

We price the job accurately in the beginning so that there are no unpleasant surprises later on. We anticipate all of our costs and explain our entire scope of work to you. More than 95 percent of our jobs are completed for the price quoted at the beginning. It may seem like we are asking a lot of you to visit us, but it has worked for us for 30 years and we think that this approach is the best for everyone.