About Peter Cuneo

Experience has taught Peter Cuneo that listening to customers, performing quality work, and exceeding expectations produces outstanding results. This philosophy permeates his company, All*Star Woodworking, a company he has led for nearly three decades. The furniture grade cabinets he builds can be described as simple boxes assembled with exquisite joinery. And, when they are finished and installed, the impact they have on the form and function of homes and corporate offices is nothing short of spectacular.

Peter’s consistent blending of technical superiority with style, texture, color, and flair makes All*Star one of Westchester’s premier custom cabinet makers. When his cabinetry is installed in a home or office, people react to it by simply saying, “Wow.” All*Star gives their cabinets the “wow” factor.

Peter Cuneo is at once an artist who is also a skilled carpenter, a custom cabinet maker, and a successful business person. He loves to build things and excels both creatively and technically. This was evident early in his career when he worked for Mauro Scopino, the original owner of All*Star. He performed so well that Mr. Scopino offered him an ownership interest in his company.

Peter realized that in order to compete effectively as a manufacturer against the imports that were flooding the market, he needed to modernize the plant. Over the next several years, he added new production equipment that dramatically improved the quality while giving him control over the production schedule. The state-of-the-art CNC machine produces cuts accurate to 1:1000th of an inch and drills perfectly aligned holes. That helps to explain why All*Star’s doors, drawers, and shelves always form straight lines and seem to become one with the cabinet.

Today, as sole owner, Peter orchestrates the output of 25 skilled designers, craftsmen, finishers, and installers so that all their work is synchronized with the schedules promised to his customers. He personally welcomes guests and visitors to his 12,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Yorktown Heights, NY so that they can see for themselves where their cabinets will be made and to meet some of the craftsmen who will actually be building them. His customers love the idea of supporting locally made cabinets by people who care.