Production & Installation Process

Once the contract is signed and the deposit received, we will schedule a “measuring”. This is an essential meeting and your attendance is required. Our project manager will measure the job and make any necessary adjustments due to “field conditions”. Often at measuring, the project manager will identify any problems or raise questions that have not been previously considered. You and or your consultant and our project manager would need to discuss the problem and agree on a solution. The project manager will also ask you important questions that relate to delivery and installation and scheduling.

After your job is measured, we fabricate and order materials for your cabinets, produce and finish them. About a week or two before your scheduled installation date, your project manager will contact you to confirm the appointment, and to ensure that the site will be ready for us.

Installation is a key ingredient that distinguishes All*Star from the rest. Our installers are expert, professional cabinet installers. On the first day of the job, we request that you be home to go over the job with the crew leader who will arrive between 8am-9am. The crew will work straight through the day, ending about 5pm and will clean up the site every evening before they leave. For the rest of the installation, they will arrive at about 8am and work until 5pm or later. Please be assured we never pull a crew off an active job to start another job. Once we start your installation, we will be there every day until it is completed.

During the installation, we request that you let the men do their job without excessive questioning or interference. You may perceive all sorts of problems as the job moves along, but these problems have been previously considered, and will be treated by the time the job is complete. We know that having a project done in you home is not the most comfortable of times, but our aim is to make as pleasant an experience as we can. Certainly, the end result is always worth the time and effort and investment you and we put into it.